Our Members

We’re home to members developing their skills, building their brand, and striving to be the best candidates on the market.

Startup Memberships

Our members shape our message and determine which issues GymForum will focus on. Our interactive community makes it easy for our members to contribute. Are you a startup, scaleup or founder and do you want your voice to be heard? Join us now! We have three membership:
*Bootstrap €15 per month Startup €35 per month Scaleup €49 per month
BodyLIFE magazine (6x per year) X X X
Latest ecosystem updates X X X
Full access to the Members-only section X X X
10% Discount SEO/CMS website (MP) X X
Full access to GymForum events X X
Annual Partner Roadtrip-Clubtour X
*Bootstrap refers to the process of starting a company with only personal savings, including borrowed or invested funds from family or friends, as well as income from initial sales. Self-funded businesses do not rely on traditional financing methods, such as the support of investors, crowdfunding or bank loans.
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